You Are Energy is the first installation to catch the visitor’s attention. It consists of a big, interactive concrete wall made of Litracon Classic blocks which illuminates from within when force is applied to it. Visitors are invited totest their strength and meet the challenge of inducing an explosion.

Gagarin was hired to design and install a new exhibition at Ljósafossstöð, one of Iceland’s oldest hydro stations. The occasion was the 50th anniversary of Landsvirkjun, the National Power Company of Iceland. The aim was to create a highly interactive and modernvisitor center where everyone could learn about the basics of nature ofelectrical power, the discoveries thet led to the mass production ofelectricity and the development of harnessing renewable energy in Iceland today.The exhibition was designed in collaboration with Tvíhorf Architects.The result is a bright and inviting exhibition, turning one of the oldest hydro stations in Iceland into an attractive new destination inthe beautiful countryside close to the UNESCO heritage site of Þingvellir.Visitors are invited to dive into the essence of electricity and become inspired by this phenomenon, from the smallest electron to the fascinating engineering that powers all of our modern world. A large part of the exhibition consists of a powerful sound and kinetic light sculpture which is an ode to the natural phenomena that form the foundation of Iceland’s renewable electricityproduction.

Exhibition name: Powering the future, Iceland

Architect: Tvihorf

Exhibition design: Gagarin